Our Mission

UWATNA’s priority is to create a safe space, primarily for Tamil post-secondary students, to empower each other and share opportunities to succeed. As a minority group, it’s important for the community to take initiative and share the resources and support necessary to succeed.

This organization will continue to educate students, including the internal team, about ongoing social issues. UWATNA will strive to host, expand, and share networking opportunities and gatherings to help students create meaningful connections. As individuals who are currently in, or will soon be entering a competitive workforce, it can be an overwhelming experience. UWATNA aspires to ease this transition by providing any support possible and connecting students with other networks that will help them advance in their career goals.

The post-secondary experience itself is extremely challenging, but with a strong support group it becomes more enjoyable. Through spirit events and the annual formal, UWATNA provides students inclusive spaces for students to make new friends and meet potential mentors.The world is evolving and so is society. What was once acceptable may not be tomorrow. UWATNA encourages challenging the norm and breaking stereotypes.

Building a safe space that encourages such critical thinking requires constant learning and change. This organization is committed to improving its standards and will always welcome feedback or suggestions to make this space more accessible, inclusive, and safe for all students.

Our Values

Fostering a safe space for all students to share their thoughts, opinions, and concerns in a constructive and respectful manner

Connecting students to their peers, mentors, and external organizations that may help them with achieving their personal, academic, and/or career goals

Raising awareness on current and historical events, especially those with significance to Tamil history and heritage

Providing a platform for students to share their achievements and talent

Providing resources including helplines, school resources, and educational resources

Code of Conduct

Treating all students and internal members fairly and with respect

Handling student concerns with transparency

Being accountable to the students uWATNA represents

Taking measures to ensure the community is safe and inclusive

Developing new norms that treat people of all identities with respect

Handling any and all conflict within reasonable timeframes and with transparency

Encouraging open dialogue between students